Marc Lamont Speaks About False Anti-Semitism In The USA

Marc Lamont is a professor  of media studies and urban education at Temple University in Philadelphia. He is also a social activist who appeared as a contributor for CNN. Lamont was removed from his position with the broadcaster after he justifiably condemned Israel during a speech to the United Nations.

Ilhan Omar is a Muslim Congresswoman recently elected. She has come in for fierce, and many would say unwarranted, criticism after condemning AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee) for its financial influence upon members of the US government and its electoral system.

In both instances, Lamont and Omar were accused of being anti-Semitic and/or making anti-Semitic remarks. In neither case was it true, but the false charges were indicative of a Zionist agenda whereby any critics of the rogue state of Israel are pursued and attacked relentlessly.

In the following presentation, Lamont speaks about the vicious attacks on Ilhan and the dangerous narrative that Zionism is attempting to reinforce across the world.       

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