Spinosaurus Fishing For Dinner – Dinosaur Carnivore Supreme

We’ve all heard of T-Rex, that mean-looking brute that chased people all over Jurassic Park. But how many of you will have heard of Spinosaurus? Apparently it was even bigger and much meaner on the dinosaur scale of bad-ass hombres. This behemoth of meat-eating destruction did not only dine on the land, it was more perfectly equipped for fishing. A long snout and nostrils set well back allowed Spinosaurus to dip into the water to snatch its prey. Sensitive receptors at the end of the snout, like crocodiles, also assisted in locating prey in the murky waters. Of course, Spinosaurus would also attack land animals when necessary and its size meant that little was off the menu. All-in-all a ferocious predator. Take a look at this recreation of one of nature’s greatest carnivores and be glad that our paths have never crossed… yet.

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