The Lost World – Michael Crichton Sequel To Jurassic Park

The Lost World by Michael Crichton Fans of this dinosaur franchise may feel that there is no point in reading a book when they have already watched the movie. That would be a mistake. The book has only a superficial resemblance to the movie, or should that be the other way around as the book […]

Spinosaurus Fishing For Dinner – Dinosaur Carnivore Supreme

We’ve all heard of T-Rex, that mean-looking brute that chased people all over Jurassic Park. But how many of you will have heard of Spinosaurus? Apparently it was even bigger and much meaner on the dinosaur scale of bad-ass hombres. This behemoth of meat-eating destruction did not only dine on the land, it was more […]

When The Dinosaurs Died – An Exploration

Poor T-Rex, one minute he’s chomping on a Brontosaurus leg and the next he’s toast. The dinosaurs ruled our planet for millions of years. Homo Sapiens have only been here for a few hundred thousand. Yet as powerful as those terrible lizards were, fate had other plans for them, which involved having their bones poked […]