Children Being Trafficked For Sex In The USA Of Today

Rebel Voice is of the firm opinion that there is no lower form of life on this planet, or any other, than the paedophile and those who similarly abuse children. Lichen has more right to exist on this world than do those who deliberately harm the young. Yet such inhumanity exists within the hearts and minds of these many abusers who continue to mix with the humans among us. It’s a perverse situation.

Many have stated that you should judge a society by how it treats its elderly. Rebel Voice would argue that the litmus test for a healthy society is the way in which it treats its children. This must also include the manner in which inhumans are hunted down and punished. The more urgent and severe, the better.

Today, as in the past, paedophiles seek out and prey upon children, many of whom are very young. Sometimes they approach their victims directly. But more often their perversions are facilitated by ‘pimps’. It is hard to fathom how such people can exist let alone get away with their crimes. Yet they do.

In Ireland, the Catholic Church has become synonymous with child abuse. The number of children raped over the centuries defies numbers. The multitude who died at the bloodied hands of the clergy is the same. The issue of clerical sex abuse is a priority topic on the Emerald Isle at this time. But elsewhere, such as India and the USA, children are being sold by parents, or abducted as runaways, so that they can be used to satisfy the evil designs of inhumans. It has to be stopped.

Informing the public is one way to ensure that strong and urgent action is taken to protect the vulnerable young all around us. The aberration that is inhumanity can be ended, but only if there is sufficient will to do so. Rebel Voice is concerned that the continuation of child exploitation is symptomatic of the way in which the morally vacuous, and corrupt, are permitted to progress in civic life. Sociopaths progress whereas good people don’t. Global systems encourage and reward those without a conscience. This includes paedophiles. The scandals that regularly emerge in the UK, surrounding senior politicians who are inhumans, is but one indication of this flawed system at work.

Perhaps, when investigating paedophilia anywhere in the world, we need to look at those who obstruct strong policies to stop it. However it’s done, the humans of Earth have an obligation to stand together and defeat child abuse. We owe it to the children of today and adults of tomorrow.

The following article provides some necessary insight into just how bad the perverse epidemic of child sexploitation is within the USA. It’s worth taking the time to read and share.

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  1. As long as we have the elitist of the elite deeply involved in human trafficking, the sad and ugly state of affairs will continue… it is not just the United States, the epidemic of paedophilia has spread around the globe… there is hardly a region that has not become a part of the supply chain especially in the third world countries… quite obviously it is a mega-money industry that does not only serve the undying lust of the filthy rich for more riches but also their subhuman instincts. We all remember the 2016 wikileaks… the Podesta brothers emails… the Pizzagate Scandal involving the Clinton Foundation… yet all that happened following the uproar was the arrest of low level operatives while those at the top remained untouched by any of it… dig up stories from war torn regions of Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq… its horrifying to find how many children have been smuggled out of these places not to forget the engineered Migrant Crisis… human smugglers and child trafficking networks have been working in Southeast Europe ever since huge numbers of migrants started moving across borders…

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