Gaza Documentary On Heartache Of Family Who Lost 23 Loved Ones To Israeli Brutality

Gaza is a place of terror perpetuated by the state of Israel. They drop bombs on the place. They fire missiles at the people. They imprison them and then starve them. All of this takes place under the steady and callous gaze of the governments of the West.

But not everyone will look away. There are many humanitarians who try desperately to fix the world’s focus upon the plight of the people of Palestine, especially those in Gaza. Sometimes, the best way to understand just how tough life is for the citizens there is to place the spotlight on one person or family. Now, a new documentary has been created to do exactly that.

The following article introduces us to that documentary, which incorporates both raw footage and animation to explain the pain of living under threat of death, and simultaneously existing with the grief of having lost your loved ones. It will help us to remember that as we go on with our daily lives, for far too many in Gaza, that’s no longer an option.

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