Top 10 Coolest Ancient Weapons

This might be one for the boys (apologies for any sexism in that remark). Weapons can be really cool. Humans have had a fixation on them for as long as there have been weapons. Self-evident? Probably.

From crude clubs that were refined to be made from the most suitable and durable wood, to spears sharpened and then with the later addition of flint heads, right up to the glorious katana, our species has always striven to develop more effective means of defending ourselves and/or attacking others. Of course there was the not-so-small matter of hunting also.

But have you ever wondered which weaponry of the ancient world was best? Have you pondered which one you would use when the inevitable (roll eyes at this point) zombie apocalypse arrives? How about the optics? Which weapon would make you look really cool? Or alternatively, would one would make your neighbours call the cops fastest, when they see a lunatic jumping around a front garden acting as if he’s the male equivalent of Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Well wonder no more, for Rebel Voice has sorted through a plethora of choices to arrive at the following list complied by Mojo. Did your preferred weapon make the list?

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