The Wind That Shakes The Barley – Irish Republican And Free State Political Debate

This scene, from one of the best Irish movies ever made, makes a strong statement upon the arguments that took place just prior to the Irish Civil War. It is essential in understanding the reasoning of Republicans at that time.

Rebel Voice

This clip from the fantastic Ken Loach movie, The Wind That Shakes The Barley, highlights the debates and arguments that took place towards the end of the Tan War in Ireland in 1921.

Although it may seem that the topics have been stylized, it should be accepted that such heated arguments did in fact occur. Such were the divisions that existed at the time among the Irish forces, that a civil War was fought between the Republicans who refused to bow to British colonial pressure, and the Free Staters who capitulated and joined with the British forces to slaughter their former comrades.

It will be seen today that Free Stateism was wrong in its approach. Free Stateism was, and is, an ideology based on treachery and selfishness. Agreeing to the partition of Ireland was the single greatest act of treachery committed by one group of Irish people upon another group…

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