Gaza Crisis -Political Commentators Discuss Implications For Short And Long Term

Here is some valuable insight into the Palestine Crisis for those who wish to maintain an interest in global affairs. The commentators discuss both long and short-term implications for Palestine given the ongoing Zionist schemes being further facilitated by the Trump regime.

There are many threads to the humanitarian disaster in Palestine today. There are many different players. Yet, at its heart, the matter is not complex. This is what happened; foreign nationals invaded Palestine, stole land and expelled the indigenous people. They then proceeded to lie to the world about what took place using the media and movie industry to spread their lies and propaganda.

The descendants of those Zionist colonials are today expanding their land grab in what is clearly a Zionist Liebensraum. They have invited yet more squatters to settle on yet more stolen land. The international community knows what is happening and complain, yet do nothing. The Palestinians have effectively been abandoned by western officialdom. The people of Palestine resist. They are slaughtered by Israel. That’s the story in a nutshell.

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