Who Is America? – Corinne Olympios Wants You To ‘Sponsor A Child Soldier’

The controversy continues as Sacha Baron Cohen manages to humiliate yet another US celebrity. On this occasion he pranks the actress Corinne Olympios (from Bachelor in Paradise). Granted, she doesn’t appear to be the sharpest tool in the box, but still, the results of this social experiment (that doubles as a good laugh) demonstrate the level of intellect currently to the fore in the US entertainment industry.

Under the guise of the photographer, Carlos Bustamante, Cohen convinces Olympios to do a promo for sponsoring child soldiers. She speaks to the camera asking for donations to help arm children in Africa so that they can attack refugees and hospitals. She also poses for photos wearing a medical suit, using the epidemic of Ebola as a backdrop for the shoot. It’s astounding how anyone could engage in this without realising what they are doing.

Cohen has succeeded in pranking a number of high profile politicians prior to this, and Olympios is perhaps the most gullible yet caught . It’s easy to feel a tad sorry for her. She appears so innocent. Then again, how clever does an adult person have to be to know that child soldiers are not a good thing, and providing them with grenade launchers might not be the way to go? Sacha Baron Cohen strikes again.

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