Myanmar Attacks On Rohingya Continue – UN Report

It was and still is genocide. The actions of the government and military of Myanmar, formerly Burma, are abhorrent. They have ethnically cleansed the ethnic Rohingya from their homes. They have raped women and children and murdered countless innocent people. They have burned villages and watched as refugees fled the nation for sanctuary in Bangladesh. They have defiled the Rohingya dead, with images emerging of Myanmar citizens standing upon the bodies of murdered Rohingya children, some only babies and toddlers. Still, the international community has taken no meaningful action. Talk is cheap and Capitalists just love cheap.

Kill a journalist in Turkey, poison a spy in England, grope a movie star in Hollywood and the media are all over you. Politicians clamber over one another to grab a headline in the media frenzy. But slaughter Palestinians and their children, murder Yemenis and their children or butcher the Rohingya and their children and you will struggle to get a mention in the paper, chocked full as it is with stories of what kind of dress Meghan Windsor is wearing or what colour of thong Kim Kardashian is displaying this week or who was seen eating in what expensive restaurant with whom. What a f**king species. Rebel Voice can despair at times.

The following is a brief overview of the crimes against humanity being carried out against the Rohingya, as the fickle attentions of the western world turn to whatever has become the trendiest news item this week.

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