Saudi Arabian Regime Runs Amok

As further truth emerges about the horrific murder of Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi Arabian embassy in Istanbul, the following article takes a look at other times when the Wahhabi regime has run amok. From 9/11 to threats of oil sanctions, the Kingdom has long wielded its power unwisely. It is a nation of great wealth where many of its citizens live in absolute poverty and destitution. It’s a land where the rulers can gift gold watches and expensive German cars to those in the elite that it favours, whilst the ordinary people of Saudi Arabia struggle to put food on their tables. It’s a land where women are brutalized for being women and rich men are afforded privilege not seen since Medieval times.

So take a look at the Saudi state and ponder how this regime can be, and remain, an ally of the US and the UK. Then think some more about their deep ties with those two nations as well as the Zionist regime of Israel. Finally, consider their war upon the civilian population of Yemen, for no reason other than they want total control of the Gulf region, and all with the approval of their friends in the Axis of Evil.

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