Saudi Arabian Regime Runs Amok

As further truth emerges about the horrific murder of Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi Arabian embassy in Istanbul, the following article takes a look at other times when the Wahhabi regime has run amok. From 9/11 to threats of oil sanctions, the Kingdom has long wielded its power unwisely. It is a nation of great […]

Dark Matter – Novel By Greg Iles

Dark Matter by Greg Iles This is a high octane ride through the world of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and deals with the pros and cons of progressing too far too quickly in this field. As we become more fully immersed in the world of the internet, and as our western societies depend evermore completely upon […]

Syrian ‘Gas Attack’ Now Deemed To Be Fabricated?

Medical personnel on the ground in Syria give testimony that those videos show people suffering from hypoxia – not gas poisoning By Frank Sellers | The Duran | April 18, 2018 On April 7th, an attack was carried out in the town of Douma, just a few kilometers out of Syria’s capital, Damascus, which was […] […]

Know Your Zionist Enemy – Facebook

Lately, a regular contributor to this blog was telling us about a recent ban that was forced upon him by Facebook. The exact reasoning for the ban was never made clear and he is none the wiser as to why it was imposed as his activities had not changed. The ban centred around a prohibition […]