The Moonies – A Korean Cult Of Stranger Mass Marriage

There are many weird and not so wonderful religious cults around the globe. Most are small and have little impact upon the global population. However, some grow to sizeable proportions and often become mainstream. One such faith is that of the Unification Movement, better known as The Moonies.

This religion was founded in South Korea in 1954 by Sun Myung Moon. Followers view themselves more as part of a global movement as opposed to members of a single Church. The central premise is that Jesus appeared to Moon when he was 16 (Moon, not Jesus). Since then the good Reverend has undertaken the work of the carpenter from Nazareth, acquiring great wealth, somehow, along the way. Hmm…

Moon left communist North Korea and is strongly opposed to that ideology. Sun Moon (he was kinda covering a lot of bases with that name) died in 2012 at the age of 92. He had married twice and had 10 children that survived. Apparently, upon dying, he did not rise up into the sky but was instead buried, after a lavish ceremony, in the grounds of a Korean mansion that was modeled on the White House; quite a departure from the humble tomb and simple rites of his Messiah.

Today, the Moonies are an extremely wealthy enterprise and have invested heavily in the media industry, including ownership of the Washington Times. Moon is said to have cultivated a personal relationship with the war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. His wife is now head of the movement. Overall, the Moonies are a conservative organisation with mighty clout. Yet some of their practices are questionable to say the least. One of these, the marrying of strangers in mass ceremonies, is explored in the following short documentary.

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