The Moonies – A Korean Cult Of Stranger Mass Marriage

There are many weird and not so wonderful religious cults around the globe. Most are small and have little impact upon the global population. However, some grow to sizeable proportions and often become mainstream. One such faith is that of the Unification Movement, better known as The Moonies. This religion was founded in South Korea […]

Nazi Paedophile Sect In Chile

In this brief report from Russia Today, we learn about how a German community of Nazi criminals set up a self-governing area in Chile under the rule of the fascist dictator, General Pinochet. It is shocking that Nazi war criminals were allowed to live so openly anywhere in the world, but for them to compound […]

The Soul Collectors

The Soul Collectors ┬áby Chris Mooney This book is one in a series – no.4 I think – and so I must caution readers that, as with most sequential tomes, it is preferable to start at the beginning to better appreciate the story. I didn’t do that, as I’m new to Chris Mooney and I’m […]