China Versus US – New Cold War In Latin America

Once it was Russia who competed with the US for control of the planet. Now, it appears that it’s China who has assumed the lead role of chief protagonist for the USA. Latin America and Africa are the two spheres where the Chinese have moved to assert influence. They are investing heavily, and encouraging socialist enterprise. Contrast this to the US government who are facilitating Capitalist rapine across the Americas.

The best indicator of this growing conflict between two superpowers will be when Hollywood begins to make movies whereby the Chinese become the global bogeymen. Look out for Sylvester Stallone and/or Arnie the Bullshitinator kicking Chinese ass all over the silver screen. When that happens you will know two things. One, that Hollywood has run out of decent actors and must resort to reusing duds and two, the new Cold War has begun in earnest and heaven help the people of the disputed regions, for it never goes well for them. Pawns, pawns, pawns.

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