Indian Children Rescued From Prostitution Ring – Inhumans Arrested

The occurrence of child abuse is without doubt the greatest crime that can be perpetrated by one person against another. Children are the most trusting and vulnerable of our species. When inhumans deliberately harm them, it stands as a terrible act of inhumanity.

India is a vast nation with a huge population, many of them living in horrific conditions. Children are often abandoned, especially girls. When they find help in a shelter, they can be forgiven for hoping that their lives will improve. If those who run the shelter turn out to be sexual abusers, then the children are hurt yet again. How can they learn to trust any adult when they have been treated so badly? There should be no mercy, no leniency shown to those who are guilty of such crimes.

In this short video, young girls are rescued from serial abuse in a shelter which was supposed to help them. Some of the girls are still missing. Although arrests have been made, steps need to be taken by the Indian government to fully regulate such shelters to prevent this abuse which is widespread. These measures are surely more important than using tax-payers money to purchase expensive weaponry from the rogue state of Israel.

As to those who harmed the children? Perhaps now is the time when a new category of Homo Sapiens is recognized, a sub-species. Rebel Voice is of the opinion that there should be a new legal definition given to those guilty of certain crimes.

Inhuman is the name that should be placed upon any who deliberately harm children in any way. It should be a category under law that deals with such vile creatures separate from regular criminals. There should be special prisons for inhumans. Prisons that do not have cozy cells and mod-cons as is the case in the West. Prisons were expenditure is minimal. Prisons were inhumans are kept alive only so that they might suffer. This system would not only punish those guilty of child abuse, it would also act as a deterrent to others. Both cure and prevention. Just a thought, for now.

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  1. The fact the phenomenon of Child Sexual Abuse is rampant right across the globe only tells us pedophilia has essentially become one of the preferred expressions of evil in modern times… regardless of religion, culture, education, money, race or ethnicity… perhaps the only common factor that underlines this inhuman behavior is a dead conscience. It is particularly revealing to learn how systematically the said phenomenon has been made to spread in the aftermath of WW2… and looking at that it is not the least unlikely if things keep moving in the same direction for a little longer, we will soon have pedophilia proclaimed legal on account of being just a ‘different sexual orientation’… after all if our Global ruling elite is engaged in a crime as heinous… it will surely not be counted as a crime for much longer…

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  2. Your closing comment is spot on. So true indeed. Increased coverage has certainly highlighted the phenomenon more so but I do feel it is essential people understand and acknowledge the systematic attempt toward making pedophilia an acceptable variation of sexual preference – I mean if the common man begins to view it as that, the impact of news leaks pertaining to the global ruling elite’s involvement in world-wide Child Trafficking and Pedophilia Rings will automatically soften up – it will become a matter of little consequence thereby permitting them to continue with their heinous crimes uninterrupted.

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