Rohingya Children Helped To Feel Young Again

The genocide being perpetrated against the Rohingya minority of Myanmar is known but was not as well shared as it should have been. Although the most serious abuse has petered out, there is still the not inconsequential matter of how the Rohingya refugees are being treated.

Foremost among these victims of Myanmar oppression and brutality are the children of the Rohingya. Many witnessed, and others suffered, terrible hardships and inhumanity. There were instances of gang rape, starvation, torture, murder and the results of ethnic cleansing. All of these crimes are enough to traumatize an adult. But, for a child, it is more difficult to process these hellish experiences. When the cameras leave, the nightmares continue for the young. They have become old before their time.

So, today, humanitarians are working within the child population of the Rohingya refugees trying to deal with the psychological and emotional issues that many face. It is tough but rewarding work. Perhaps it should be remembered though, that prevention is always better than cure.

The following video takes a brief look at what is happening in respect of the children of the Rohingya.

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