Bangladeshi Children In Drowning Epidemic – ‘15,000’ Per Year

The numbers quoted in this article, if accurate, are truly shocking. If even one child dies from drowning, it is one too many. But to speak in the thousands is gut-wrenchingly bad.

Conditions for many children, perhaps even most children, around our world are tough and dangerous. They live at the mercy of adults. Adults are quite often not up to the most important of roles, that of parent. Others seek to exploit the young and vulnerable. The rest tend to sit back and ignore the horrors perpetrated upon children. It is all so unnecessary.

One piece of action that can be taken to alleviate the dangers faced by our young is to raise awareness of the dangers that they face close to water. Swimming lessons would help to save countess lives. But greater parental controls of the young would also serve to reduce the numbers who find themselves in difficulties in the water.

It is imperative that, firstly, Bangladeshi parents face up to their responsibilities and accept it if they have made mistakes. Their grief is all too real and they will never truly heal from the loss of a child, but parents have obligations to safeguard their children no matter what. Secondly, there is an onus upon governments, in this instance Bangladeshi, to put effective measures in place that will protect the children of that nation, regardless of cost or effort. After all, if a government won’t protect its young, then who will it protect?

In any event, it is a sad indictment of our species when so many children from Bangladesh lose their lives to an avoidable danger.

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