Gaza Boy Speaks Out After Leg Amputated Due To Israel Sniper Bullet

In this heartbreaking article, we meet 13-year-old Mohammed Abu Hussain from Gaza, who lost his leg after being shot by an Israeli sniper. Mohammed went to the recent Right To Return protests along with his friends, where he was randomly targeted by a sniper from the rogue state of Israel. The explosive bullet tore through the right leg of this aspiring footballer.

Although an outgoing boy, Mohammed is now consigned to a life of disability in a region under constant siege from the Zionist war machine. The resources available to him are almost non-existent and his life will be a struggle, now intensified by the loss of a limb. His father died 3 years previously, and his mother now has the added burden of caring for her mutilated son. Now this 13-year-old boy must try to build a future from the shattered dreams that once were his.

All of this pain, suffering and cruelty is brought to you courtesy of the military of the Israeli state. Yet the leaders of the West still do nothing of substance to help. When will it end?

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