British MP Condemns Israeli Village Demolition Policy As War Crime

In this excerpt from the House of Commons recording, Richard Burden MP raises a question with the Minister for the Middle East, Alistair Burt, asking him for a statement on the subject of continuing Israeli demolition of Palestinian villages and subsequent forcible transfer of the people.

In his submission, Burden describes the actions of Israel as a war crime. For his part, Alistair Burt offers mealy-mouthed platitudes to excuse the lack of serious effort by the British government. He does state that his office contacted Israel to register their concerns about the ongoing demolition of Khan al-Ahmar. Perhaps this representation is why the demolition has been suspended. Israel will of course wait until the furore dies down before continuing with their pogroms against the Palestinian people.

In any event, it is good to see conscientious British MPs holding their government to account for their failures with respect to providing protection for the people of Palestine. Such momentum can be built upon, in defiance of Israeli aggression which will never cease of its own accord and must be forced.

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