Broken Perspective – Poem By Resident Poet, A.D.

This piece of verse deals with a shocking incident that took place in Ireland, in 2013, when Sanjeev Chada murdered his two young sons before placing their bodies in the boot (trunk) of his car. Eoghan was 10. Ruairi was 5. He then drove around Ireland until he was eventually apprehended after crashing his vehicle. In his defence, he told authorities that he didn’t want his sons to go through the pain of a broken marriage. He was also guilty of embezzling substantial funds from a community centre and gambling it on the stock exchange.

It’s difficult to fathom such actions by a parent, and we can only imagine the terror the children felt as someone they loved, and looked to for protection, killed them. Such is the world we live in. Perhaps the best we can do for the boys is to remember them, and work so that no more children suffer in this way.

Broken Perspective


Children’s corpses

in the boot of a car.

Crumpled, disjointed,

distant ended futures.

Tiny voices,

whispers wrapped

in fear and terror.

Entombed in a metal coffin


Last minutes, last thoughts,

last pain screaming

through the ether.

Children’s corpses

The portal of empathy sickens

the conscience of those who ponder


Emotionless existence thwarted

by a frenetic species

unsure of identity

having forgotten its place.

Children’s corpses

in the boot of a car,

and a species

with a broken perspective.


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