Trump Policies Endangering Immigrant Children As Officials Make It Up As they Go Along

We will all have heard about Trump’s barbaric treatment of the children of immigrants who have been detained whilst crossing into the US. As the parents are imprisoned, their children, some just toddlers, are taken away and placed in cages.

Apologists for such right-wing fascist practices rush to defend or excuse the measures. But really, how can anyone defend the indefensible?

However this child abuse is eventually dealt with will go a long way in determining the future path of the United States of America. Will the US immediately stop such mistreatment of the young and vulnerable and find another way to deal with illegal migrants, or will the nation continue down the path to ever greater fascist control soon to be expanded to include all citizens of that country?

The following video gives a brief account of the horrors that the children face in the cages of Texas.

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