Liberal Zionism And The Inner Conflict

Zionism in the United States is undergoing a crisis of identity at present. While many who adhere strongly to that delusional ideology are opposed to the barbaric actions of the rogue state of Israel, they are now becoming evermore conflicted in their unconditional support of that same state, due to issues such as ethnic cleansing, Apartheid and the wholesale slaughter of civilians in Palestine, all perpetrated by Israel.

As more and more young Jews refused to be defined by Zionism, so the older generations are coming under increased pressure to embrace humanitarianism, even if that means conflict with the Israeli state, which it surely must. Celebrities, such a Natalie Portman and Sarah Silverman are speaking out about their concerns, albeit in a very subdued and meek manner. Yet this is a sure sign of the growing discontent within the world of Zionism. Unfortunately, whilst this battle rages, Palestinians continue to die.

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