Afghanistan: Israels Commando’s Hit by Taliban, Lose Helicopter, Casualties

Last night (May 27), an Israel Defense Force command unit, newly stationed at the formerly closed US military facility and air base at Farah City in Farah Province, Western Afghanistan, came under Taliban attack. Attacks on the Israeli group had been going on for days. Israel forces were hit with rocket and mortar attacks, losing […]

via Afghanistan: Israels Commando’s Hit by Taliban, Lose Helicopter, Casualties — Astute News

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  1. Excellent news. I wouldn’t normally show pleasure in the death of another human being but I’ve decided to show the sort of contempt that they show for non members of their own religious group. These barbarians are turning me into someone that I don’t like very much. Thinking about how they make the Palestinians lives as miserable as possible on a daily basis, it’s close to impossible not to cheer when they receive even the smallest amount of payback.
    What are they doing in Afghanistan anyway?

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  2. So right indeed… justified anger does tend to change your perspective dramatically… they are certainly gearing up for war to come in the Middle East and using Afghanistan as training ground however they are in Afghanistan for more… they are gearing up to infiltrate both Iran and Pakistan more systematically… the fact the American Empire and Israel want to see Pakistan’s Nukes dismantled or destroyed is not a secret, and their enmity toward Iran is not a secret either… however what the Americans and Israelis do not understand, given the extent of their delusion, is that not everyone in Afghanistan is a sell-out… here is good number of ordinary Afghans who will fight foreign intervention to the last drop of their blood – that is why they call Afghanistan ‘the graveyard of Empires’… and once Jewish presence on Afghan soil is confirmed to the locals, the Israelis will have to run for their lives sooner or later…

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