Abby Martin & Joe Rogan Discuss Israel’s Slaughter At Gaza Border

In this video, Abby Martin speaks with radiocaster, Joe Rogan, about the orchestrated backlash from their last discussion about Palestine. They also talk about how Israel tries to control the narrative that comes out of the area. Abby tells listeners to the Joe Rogan Show about the brutality that the people of Palestine have to endure on a daily basis. She also highlights the ongoing sniper killings against the protesters in Gaza.

The importance of this appearance by Abby on the Joe Rogan show is that Rogan appeals to the US Everyman. When the humanitarian message reaches the regular people of the US, the people should eventually react and close down US support for the rogue Zionist state. Rogan and Martin speak frankly about the dire situation. Their conversation has impact. That is why this piece is worth sharing widely. Let the people know.

– If you care about these issues, please share this –

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