Human Rights Group Places Front Page Ad In Haaretz

Here is an article from B’Tselem, an Israeli human rights group that consistently confronts the government of the rogue state regarding its persistent abuse of Palestinian human rights.

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  1. Sadly rebelvoice, the decent Israeli Jews are vastly outnumbered by those that wilfully ignore the crimes committed by their forces and government. Since 1949, the Israeli military have used the conscription method of recruitment and despite hundreds of video clips of abuse by the IDF, how many times have we seen footage of empathy with the Palestinian victims?
    From school they are taught that Palestinians are not equal human beings and continuing from that, their well documented treatment of them at checkpoints is proven. Aside from that, the last two murderous attacks on Gaza have been approved by over 90% of Israeli Jews, according to polls. Expecting or hoping they might do ‘the right thing’ isn’t going to happen. The bravery of Gideon Levy, Amira Hass and others is unlikely to alter the mindset of people who believe they are exceptional. The last time we observed that kind of mentality ……….Well, there’s no need to go in to the details.

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      1. Speaking of sociopaths, reading part of the Hansard record on the government website, it’s clear to spot the apologists for the latest slaughter in Gaza. Surprisingly, there is some very strong condemnation, without reservations but the most telling phrase comes from those protecting the Israelis. As if to explain the brutal executions by a bunch of psychopathic snipers, they say ‘but Hamas’ have done this or ‘Hamas have done that’.
        Hamas aren’t perfect, not unlike any of our governments. However, our governments aren’t routinely assassinated nor are they governing over an area that has only one very strict trading ‘partner’. Israel has exclusive control over what goes in and what comes out and I assume that this is a very lucrative system.
        Netanyahu’s primary contact with the US government is through Kushner, who Netanyahu has known very well since he was a boy. If Trump is being deceived (it wouldn’t be difficult), his outrageously one-sided behaviour might be explained by his loyalty to his Orthodox Jewish daughter and grandchildren. Whatever it is, his ‘policies’ are actually revealing to more people around the world just how deranged and dangerous the only nuclear armed country in the Middle East really are.

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