Migrant Caravan Reaches US Border

As Trump tries to escalate the tide of xenophobia that is sweeping across the US, a caravan of desperate migrants from Central America has arrived at the US-Mexican border seeking admission as refugees.

Trump has mocked and belittled these terrified people. He has dismissed their hopes and dreams. He has also chosen to ignore the fact that the migrants are fleeing social deprivation and conflict caused by the interference of the agencies of the US in nations such as Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador. It was the psychopathic desires and actions of the CIA that caused civil wars in these nations, resulting in the poverty and danger that forced families to flee their homes.

Trump and his cronies (and the US Surplass) owe the people of Central America a huge debt. The least they can do is allow some of them a home where they can exist in peace and prosperity. And they can most certainly try not to make fun of the desperate civilians at their gates.

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