Lisa O’Neill – England Has My Man [Irish Folk]

Lisa O’Neill is from Cavan close to the English-imposed border in Ireland. She is a fairly fresh voice on the Irish folk scene and a favourite of local DJs who know their music. He voice is certainly distinctive and her lyrics are insightful and profound. She is one to watch for the future. If you […]

Irish Folk – Paul Brady Sings The Homes Of Donegal

This haunting song was written by Seán McBride, a native of Donegal. It tells of the beauty of his own home area and the desire to always return there no matter how long has passed. This is a common theme in Irish folk music. Mass emigration has had a pronounced effect upon the song writers […]

Irish Folk – Luka Bloom Sings City Of Chicago

Luka Bloom is the less well-known brother of Christy Moore. This is his own song made famous by his big brother. The sound quality is not as good as it could be but Rebel Voice likes the raw edge it gives to the song. The song is a lament of emigration as Irish emigres make […]

Migrant Caravan Reaches US Border

As Trump tries to escalate the tide of xenophobia that is sweeping across the US, a caravan of desperate migrants from Central America has arrived at the US-Mexican border seeking admission as refugees. Trump has mocked and belittled these terrified people. He has dismissed their hopes and dreams. He has also chosen to ignore the […]

Kings Of America – Novel By R.J. Ellory

Kings Of America  by R.J. Ellory Rebel Voice has previously read a novel by Roger Jon Ellory and thought it a fine piece of writing. A Quiet Belief In Angels is streets ahead of Kings Of America which is, quite frankly, a terrible book. In his forward, Ellory commented upon the research that he undertook […]

The Wolfe Tones – My Heart Is In Ireland

This is a standard of the folk scene in Ireland and wherever the Irish diaspora gather. It’s a lament for the emigrants and their descendants who live around the world. It can be difficult for those from some other nations to fully understand the emotional connections that Irish people have for their place of birth. […]

Scottish Balladeer – Dick Gaughan – Craigie Hill

This is a haunting Scottish ballad performed by the Glaswegian maestro, Dick Gaughan whom has the voice of a hard-drinking Scottish angel who would sing you to happiness, or knock your fuck in, dependent upon how you behave. Any country would be privileged to have a musician such as Dick Gaughan. This song will tug […]

An Gorta Mór – The Great famine (Part 1)

This is the first of two documentaries that look into the tragedy that was the Great Famine of Ireland in the mid-nineteenth century. Although the island was rich with food, 1 million died as a result of a lack of nutrition, most from disease brought on by weakened health. As 1.5 million of the most […]

International Immigrants Day

Here are some facts and figures regarding the emigration and refugee crisis that affects millions across our world today. The suffering is unimaginable and avoidable, yet continues. – If you care, give it a share –

Bernadette McAliskey Speaks On Social Injustice (2016)

Bernadette McAliskey (nee Devlin) is a socialist stalwart who has given decades of her life to the cause of Irish socialist republicanism. She has suffered for her beliefs, as have her family and friends. Yet Bernadette has never been daunted and has pushed forward on her path. She is an example of the great but […]