Top 10 UFO Sightings Not Debunked

Is the truth out there? Or is it really just an opportunity for others to make money upon the thought? The following short looks at some of the alleged UFO contacts that have not yet been proven to be fake.

Rebel Voice is of the humble opinion that given that there are billions of stars in our galaxy of the Milky Way, and given that our galaxy is one of but billions across the known universe (in so much as it can ever be known), and given that each star may have numerous planets orbiting it, then the odds are most definitely in favour of there being alien life out there.

The questions then becomes not if there are ETs, but, if they are intelligent enough to travel the vast distances to observe us and, if they are and have, why have they then not made themselves known? Perhaps our penchant for killing one another is one of many reason why we may not be considered worthy of meeting such uber-intelligent lifeforms. On the other hand, have you ever looked closely at Donald Trump? He’s not remotely intelligent, let alone uber, but perhaps he’s a mutant alien of some description who escaped from a cage that Mr ET kept him in. If so, it’s possible that Benjamin Netanyahu is another of that mutant alien curio species. We humans can but hope that their former masters return to collect them and put them back where they belong…

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