Robin Cook Resignation Speech Hits At Iraq War, Washington And Israel

In his sensational resignation speech, government minister and Labour MP, Robin Cook, launched a scathing attack on all those involved in provoking the second Iraq War. He criticized the US Administration for their war-mongering and double standards. He also highlighted the repeated refusal of the rogue state of Israel to comply with international resolutions, and points out the failures of the British Establishment to condemn Israel in the same way as they do Iraq.

This is a monumental piece of oration by someone who has a conscience and principles that forbade him from acquiescing in the immoral and unethical war that has today seen as many as 1 million civilians deaths. The blood of all those innocents is on the hands of the western politicians and those of Israel who instigated that horrific conflict. Yet George Bush and his cronies, and Tony Blair and his cronies, still present themselves as righteous statesmen and women. They have necks that would make brass look like brie.

Look for the gentleman seated to the left of Robin Cook. It’s good to know that there are still those of principle today in the hallowed halls of the British parliament. But Rebel Voice wonders, are there enough of them?

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