Robin Cook Resignation Speech Hits At Iraq War, Washington And Israel

In his sensational resignation speech, government minister and Labour MP, Robin Cook, launched a scathing attack on all those involved in provoking the second Iraq War. He criticized the US Administration for their war-mongering and double standards. He also highlighted the repeated refusal of the rogue state of Israel to comply with international resolutions, and […]

Know Your Zionist Enemy – John Mann – British Politician

The stupidly grinning buffoon above is the British Labour Party politician and Zionist activist, John Mann. Although he looks as if he should be doing gaudy second-rate stand-up at Great Yarmouth during the waning summer months, Mann is a notorious supporter of Israel. So, instead of being an embarrassingly poor ventriloquist with a freaky puppet […]

Mark It Red

This is a strong poem read by a humble man. Good to luck to Jeremy Corbyn and the people of Britain, who need him more than they may know.