Scythians Of The Ancient World – Who Were They?

These videos introduce us to the mysterious Scythians of the Asian Steppes region who played such a major role in the ancient world of Eurasia from 1000 BCE. The famed Scythian Empire was centred in what is today known as Ukraine, but they were essentially a nomadic people, consisting of numerous clan groups, who moved across the vast Steppes. When organised, they presented a formidable force and as such fought and defeated many of the the other empires that existed during their time, including the Medes and Assyrians. The Scythians were not believed to have disappeared from the historical record due to any catastrophe such as being conquered. Instead they seemed to have been gradually replaced by newer cultures from the East, becoming subsumed by them.

Irish legends state that an important wave of arrivals to the shores of ancient Ireland came from this storied Asian Empire. The Greeks believed that the famed Amazon warriors, female stalwarts of war, were Scythian, and grave discoveries would appear to support this position. DNA investigations should eventually reveal the truth about the Scythians and where their descendants can be found today, but until then, it’s interesting to speculate about who exactly the people from this great culture were and are.

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