Irish Republican Poem -Thomas Davis

Here is yet another rebel poem from the father of Irish Republican poetry, Corkman, Thomas Davis.

The Vow of Tipperary

From Carrick streets to Shannon shore,
From Slievenamon to Ballindeary,
From Longford Pass to Gaillte Mór,
Come hear The Vow of Tipperary.

Too long we fought for Britain’s cause,
And of our blood were never chary;
She paid us back with tyrant laws,
And thinned The Homes of Tipperary.

Too long with rash and single arm,
The peasant strove to guard his eyrie,
Till Irish blood bedewed each farm,
And Ireland wept for Tipperary.

But never more we’ll lift a hand-
We swear by God and Virgin Mary!
Except in war for Native Land,
And that’s The Vow of Tipperary!

Thomas Davis

– If you care, give it a share –

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