Irish Republican Poem – The Penal Days By Thomas Davis

This poem by Davis deals with the Penal Laws which further institutionalized sectarianism across colonial Ireland. In the Occupied Six Counties today, the psychology of many Unionists would indicate that the Penal Days have not gone for at least some. The Penal Days Oh! weep those days, the penal days, When Ireland hopelessly complained. Oh! […]

Irish Republican Poem -Thomas Davis

Here is yet another rebel poem from the father of Irish Republican poetry, Corkman, Thomas Davis. The Vow of Tipperary From Carrick streets to Shannon shore, From Slievenamon to Ballindeary, From Longford Pass to Gaillte Mór, Come hear The Vow of Tipperary. Too long we fought for Britain’s cause, And of our blood were never […]

Nationality – Poem By Thomas Davis

Thomas Davis was from Mallow in County Cork. He was an Irish Republican of the protestant faith. He wrote many patriotic songs and poems that are still popular today more than 170 years after his death from TB. He was aged just 30. Nationality I. A Nation’s voice, a nation’s voice– It is a solemn […]

Thomas Davis Poem on Wolfe Tone’s Grave

Tone’s Grave In Bodenstown Churchyard there is a green grave, And wildly along it the winter winds rave; Small shelter, I ween, are the ruined walls there, When the storm sweeps down on the plains of Kildare. Once I lay on that sod-it lies over Wolfe Tone- And thought how he perished in prison alone, […]

Fenian Brotherhood – North American Solidarity And War With Canada

The Fenian Brotherhood was a revolutionary organisation founded in the USA in 1858 by John O’Mahony. His comrade, James Stephens, who was on the European mainland at that time, returned to Ireland to found the sister organisation of the Fenians, known as the Irish Republican Brotherhood. In the US, the Fenians decided to apply pressure […]

‘A Legend Of Tyrone’ And ‘To Ireland’

  Women have always played an important role in Irish rebellion. Whether they were active militants, such as Lady Markievicz, or were providing logistical support such as Mary Ann McCracken, or were writing literature, such as our focus today, Ellen O’Leary, the womanhood of Ireland have been to the fore in an ofttimes male-dominated world. […]