Zionism, Manifest Destiny And Lebensraum

Colonialism, Cultural Imperialism and Zionism will bring global death and destruction to us all unless effectively countered, and soon.

Rebel Voice

Those familiar with the crisis in Palestine will understand how current moves being made by Israel to annex all of Palestine are reminiscent of previous colonial projects across the globe. Here, Rebel Voice looks at the parallels between some of the most relevant supremacist ideologies to our time.

  1. Manifest Destiny

Put simply, Manifest Destiny was the belief, among the white settler population of the nascent United States, that the Anglo-Saxon colonial population had a god-given right to invade and appropriate all tribal land from East to West coast, as well as those lands under the jurisdiction of Mexico.

The inconvenient matter of the indigenous people was ignored. They were starved, brutalized, ethnically cleansing and slaughtered as part of the process of clearing the land for resettlement by those selected as suitable by the WASP powers that controlled the new nation.

The term, Manifest Destiny, was first used by the newspaper…

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