Free Staters And Anti-Republican Pogroms

Free Staters have not gone away. They are frantically organizing to better benefit from the chaos that will accompany the UK Exit from the EU. What is good for Free Staters will inevitably be bad for Republicans.

Rebel Voice

Ireland has long had a sad history of citizens who aspire to be English or, at the very least, try to be accepted by the English Establishment as pets and lackeys.

British colonialism has left a strong imprint upon the psyche of the Irish people. Republicans are aware of the toxic nature of the colonial legacy. Yet others, such as Unionists (who are Irish regardless of any claims to the contrary) and most disgracefully Free Staters (who are not the entire population of the Free State, but include only those who are anti-Republican and pro-partition) remain blinded to the truth that surrounds the ugliness of submission to colonial rule.

What follows is a very brief list of Free Staters, who have on occasion announced their opposition to Republicans, especially if those Republicans happen to be from the OSC (Occupied Six Counties). Rebel Voice is of the opinion that such individuals…

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