Stalinist Catholicism

Pope Francis may be the first Socialist Pope in a very long time, if ever. He faces an uphill battle to drag the Church away from its corporate model.

Rebel Voice

Much debate centres upon the place of religion, particularly Catholicism, within modern Irish society. Claims and counter-claims are bandied about. Allow RebelVoice to add to this heady Irish stew.

There are striking similarities between Christianity, as countenanced by the Roman Catholic Church, and Communism as enacted within the former U.S.S.R.

Both Christianity and Communism are admirable, even beautiful concepts, which promote the welfare of the community above that of the selfish need of the individual. Both place great emphasis upon improving the person as opposed to the specious benefits derived from acquiring ever greater material wealth. Both are ideological constructs that, if fully implemented and adhered to, would go a long way to creating that long-sought Utopian existence. Both have failed.

To be a true Christian is to be a Socialist (camel… eye of needle… etc.). To be a true Communist is to adhere to the tenets of secular…

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