Child Catchers Of Capitalism

… ’cause consumerism ain’t goin’ away…

Rebel Voice

Recently, Rebel Voice recalled the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which is shown regularly in Ireland over the holiday period. There is a character in it known as the Child Catcher. He is a menacing, unsavoury fellow who drives a wagon decorated with bright colours and displaying promises of sweets and treats to entice unwitting children into its interior.

Of course, once they enter, the door slams, the decorations fall away and the promise of goodies are shown for what they really are, false. The children are trapped and at the mercy of the dreaded Child Catcher.

I was moved to study the obvious resemblance between the Child Catcherand the systems of government to be found in capitalist states. The garish wagon that he employs is representative of consumerism and materialism. The trap is debt.

Image result for consumerism

Capitalism operates upon a system whereby citizens are encouraged to owe money. They…

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