Jessie J – Price Tag

The lyrics are fairly spot on in this pop hit. I hope Jessie J gave the proceeds to charity… – If you care, give it a share –

The Hooters – Satellite

Some of you may remember this lively one from the 80’s (that’s the 1980’s..). It’s a satirical look at the phenomenon of TV evangelists, pseudo-religion and associated greed and hypocrisy that covered the US at the time. Many would ask the question, so what has changed? – If you care, give it a share –

Bad Santa – Boxing Ring Scene

Bad Santa has to be one of the best Christmas movies of them all. This scene is so inappropriate that it might make you wet yourself, just a little. Enjoyed this? Why not share?

Abby Martin and Peter Joseph on Abolishing Capitalism

In this episode of the Empire Files, with Abby Martin, we meet Peter Joseph who is the founder of the Zeitgeist movement which advocates a new approach to global economies. The facts of our world as stated in this program, and how ill-divided it is, should shock and anger readers. Joseph comments upon how countries […]

Child Catchers Of Capitalism

Originally posted on Rebel Voice:
Recently, Rebel Voice recalled the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which is shown regularly in Ireland over the holiday period. There is a character in it known as the Child Catcher. He is a menacing, unsavoury fellow who drives a wagon decorated with bright colours and displaying promises of sweets…


                          Surreality A restless night with sweat-soaked sheets, conjures images of blood-filled streets and pain. Cetaceans mourn for humanity as dogs howl at a blood-red moon, which all too soon becomes a ghastly, horrid, evil eye staring, as crap, garbage and trash is […]

Eurovision Entry For The Socialist Nation

Hats off to the person in the following cartoon who had to sing their way through this list of the nations of the world (with the exception of Israel which is a colonial state and NOT a nation). It does give us a blatant truth in that Capitalism has, and will, always fail. It operates […]

Cultural Imperialism

In Ireland of today, it can be observed that a pattern has seamlessly emerged whereby the attention of the citizenry is increasingly focused upon foreign shores, but not in any manner conducive to the good health of our nation. It is still obvious that the Irish Establishment, and its minions throughout Capitalist business, look overseas […]