Know Your Zionist Enemy – Craig Balsam

In the Rebel Voice Know your Zionist Enemy series, certain names keep emerging in relation to those who are strong and unapologetic advocates for the rogue state of Israel. These individuals appear immorally determined to ignore the ongoing ethnic cleansing, oppression, brutality, internment and slaughter of the people of Palestine. They also conveniently turn a blind eye to the hardships faced by those in Gaza due to the Israeli siege there. Many are prominent in society but others are less well known. Rebel Voice is of the opinion that they should all have the cold glare of world disapproval cast upon them.

One of those notable individuals continually involved in the unethical defence of Israel is Craig Balsam.

Balsam grew up in Millburn, New Jersey and is the co-founder and co-CEO of the US indie music label, Razor & Tie. He is also an advisory board member of the strongly Zionist organisation, Creative Community for Peace (CCFP).

Although more usually associated with the music industry, Balsam has also been executive producer for a number of films such as Joan Baez: How Sweet The Sound and The Last Five Years. He has additionally  been involved in theatrical productions such as Small Mouth Sounds. He is connected.

It was financial interest in the music industry that brought Balsam together with both David Renzer (Chairman of Spirit Music Group) and Steve Schnur (Music President of Electronic Art) in CCFP (Renzer and Schnur are founders of the group).

CCFP was founded in 2012 and works feverishly to portray Israel as a bastion of both democracy and decency in great contrast to the truth on the ground in Palestine where Israel is neither. CCFP is also a firm and fanatic opponent of BDS, the peaceful protest campaign that calls for a boycott of Israel and its products.

Balsam stated, ‘We decided there needed to be a response to the BDS movement, because very few music executives are advocating for Israel.’ It was with this in mind that Balsam became involved as a mouthpiece for Israeli propaganda both through CCFP and elsewhere.

Note: CCFP can call upon the services of approximately 40 entertainment executives that sit upon its advisory board. These Zionist bigwigs hail from the arenas of music, movie and T.V. in cities such as New York, London, Nashville and Los Angeles.

Craig Balsam has personally launched some very harsh attacks on Roger Waters of Pink Floyd for his humanitarian position on Palestine. At times, it appears that Balsam has decided to make Waters his main target and has repeatedly badmouthed the English music legend.

‘He’s made some really outrageous statements,‘ says Balsam of Roger Waters

Writing for the New York Post under the heading:

Why Neil Young should keep playing in Israel

Balsam has this to say about Waters:

A part of the anti-Israel BDS group for years, Waters has been growing more irrational.’

He continues with his Zionist rant:

‘In a recent interview with Counterpunch, he spewed anti-Semitic rants, including patently false accusations equating Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians to South Africa’s apartheid regime and to Hitler’s systematic genocide of the Jews.’

Clearly, Craig Balsam is in denial, as any observer can see that Israel is guilty of the conduct that Waters has ascribed to it. If anything, it could be argued that Waters has been lenient in his descriptions of the behaviour of the Zionist regime.

In a second article that Balsam penned for the New York Post under the following heading, he forced on with his harassment of Roger Waters:

Music industry comfortably numb to Roger Waters’ bigotry

Balsam stated:

‘I’ve always vehemently disagreed with Waters’ boycott approach and his views on Israel… Roger Waters isn’t just wrong on Israeli-Palestinian issues, he’s trading in classic anti-Semitic stereotypes.’

Here, Balsam employs the common Zionist tactic of conflating Zionism exactly with Judaism, and then accusing those who condemn Israel of being anti-Jewish. It’s a chilling approach that inappropriately tars all those of a Jewish identity with a Zionist brush. Balsam then says, ‘I don’t expect Waters to change his views — but I’m appalled that no one calls him out on his rancid hate.’

So anyone, Roger Waters included, is guilty of ‘rancid hate‘ if they are opposed to the slaughter of Palestinian children or the theft of the land of Palestine, according to Craig Balsam.

Balsam has made the statement, that follows, in relation to the honourable position of the humanitarian Pink Floyd vocalist and song-writer. It is worth remembering the words, if only for the implied threat that they contain:

I strongly urge Roger Waters to reconsider his bigoted and malicious words and opinions about Jews and the state of Israel, and hope others will join me in doing the same… There should be consequences.

Craig Balsam is a menace. He is a danger to the people of Palestine. He is a Zionist.

Boycott Craig Balsam

If you care about this issue, please tell others


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