Slaves Of Haiti And The Wage Slaves Of Today, A Lesson From History


The revolution that took place in Haiti between 1791 and 1804 was the only slave uprising that led to the founding of a state which was free from slavery and ruled by the former slaves.

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Million of captives were, in the words of Bob Marley, stolen from Africa. Many never made it to the Americas. Those who did were brought to lands where they were brutalized and treated as chattel. Their suffering was immense and prolonged. Many great fortunes were built upon the horrors of slavery. Many of those great fortunes still exist today in the hands of the descendants of those morally vacuous traders in human lives.

Across our modern world, slavery has been replaced by indentured servitude fostered via the imposition of debt. Mortgages, bank loans, credit unions loans, hire purchase and credit cards are all methods employed to contain the populace.


When citizens of western nations work feverishly to maintain their existence, based as it usually is upon the repayment of debts accrued, they are obliged to toe the state line. Should a person refuse to pay off those accumulating debts, then they face losing everything including their freedom.

Some would argue that no one is forced to take out loans, or go into debt, yet the truth for many is that they need more than they can earn, simply to survive. Children must be clothed and fed. They must be educated. Parents want only to provide for their children.

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Others, however, take on debts for different reasons. They see shiny things in TV and in the pages of glossy magazines. They succumb to peer pressure to have the latest doodah and gismo. They want the homes that the ads promise, the items that the movies say they can have, that they should have. They are hoodwinked by the media into buying what they can’t afford and don’t need. That same media is owned and controlled by capitalist corporations, the same corporations that profit from the sales of merchandise that creates the debt that controls the people. It’s a vicious and well-oiled circle, lubricated as it is by the blood, sweat and tears of the ordinary people.

The reason that the Haitian Revolution was mentioned at the beginning of this piece is that there are startling similarities between the slavery of the beleaguered people of Haiti and the servitude of the people of the world today.

The slaves of Haiti reached a point in their lives where they were prepared to take no more abuse from their self-declared masters. They fell past their breaking point and decided that the only way forward was to take control of their lives from those who would continue use them as objects. The uprising was bloody. Many slaves lost their lives in the fight for freedom. The battles were intense and protracted. Ultimately, the slaves of Haiti won.

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In our modern societies, whether in the developed or developing world, the deprived populations are reaching their own breaking points. Citizens of Europe and the US have been mistreated for too long by their corporate masters. The people of Asia, Latin America, Africa and Australasia are still being trampled into the dirt at a time when there are enough resources on the planet to afford everyone a decent standard of living.

In their arrogance and greed, the slave traders and colonial rulers of today cannot see what is just around the corner. They are unable to fathom the fate that awaits them.

When the slaves of Haiti eventually won their great fight, they turned upon those who had abused them. Slavers and colonials were massacred across the newly created nation.

When the dispossessed and exploited masses of this time finally realize that they have the power to make their lives better simply by refusing to become victims, then they will fight and win. It is then that they will turn upon their former corporate and capitalist masters, and then that they will show them no mercy for all that they have done.

Rebel Voice sincerely hopes that day is soon, for the sake of all the ordinary men and women…

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