British Squaddies Speak About South Armagh

It is said that you must know your enemy to defeat him. This short video clip is taken from a US documentary on the war in the Occupied Six Counties (OSC).

It is interesting to hear the clipped British accents of the officers who are interviewed in the first part of the video. One officer states that his troops effectively use civilians as shields against IEDs when moving through urban areas. Another states that everyone in Crossmaglen is a violent supporter of the IRA.

The final squaddie, Rifleman, Sergeant Tony Sweeney (used because he has an Irish surname?) states that he will not leave the area to the hands of the IRA and will keep coming over (on tour of duty) until ‘these people are either put behind bars or killed’. I wonder what ever happened to that particular thuggish-looking British soldier. He would have made a great Tory backbencher.

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