DUP To Push Drumcree Down Nationalist Throats?

This video clip is a demonstration of what happens when the sectarian bigots of the Orange Order get their way. Although the colonial forces in this piece were, at that time, called the RUC, in effect little has changed within the hierarchy. They do have a better PR Department however, and they need it…

As the halfwits of the Tory party are now dependent upon the support of the colonial DUP, and as the colonial DUP rely on the support of the more bitter elements within the colonial Unionist community, can we expect renewed attempts to reverse previous marching determinations made concerning the Garvaghy Road.

Rebel Voice has the greatest of respect for the beleaguered Nationalists and Republicans of Portadown. They have been forced to endure a lot over the centuries at the bloodied hands and jackboots of many within the Planter population. The people of Portadown have not only remained unbeaten and unbroken, they have emerged stronger than ever.

We can only hope that it is this strength that will persuade the bigots of  Orange disOrder that they will never beat the people off Garvaghy, nor will they beat the people on Garvaghy.