Orange Sectarian Bigots To march Again

Just a reminder, as we get closer to the Orange Day of Hate, of just how sickening the sectarian bigots of the Loyal Institution of Imbeciles really are.

When Nationalists protest the triumphalist capers, they are beaten and arrested by the colonial PSNI.

The situation in the Occupied Six Counties will never change so long as sectarian organisations like the Orange Order continue to march our streets.

Give them nothing but our loathing and our resistance.

2 Responses

  1. Leo Garvey

    Why are these orange marches still allowed when all they want is to poke a reaction from peaceful irish people,these people wanna be ashamed of themselves, i originate from Co Wicklow but for the last 7 years i been up in Derry an what lovely peaceful people they are on the cityside but cross over thr “peace” bridge an its a totally different place with an eery atmosphere of pure bitterness,an now with the DUP refereeing what real chance is there of a United Ireland??? I hope i’m wrong but i can see a return to the dark days…..

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