Iran Under Attack From Western Terrorism

Iran is being demonized by the western media in a dangerous attempt to pave the way for an all-out attack on that nation.

We can see, in the UK, how the media sought to influence the results of the general election just held. Their machinations had the effect of limiting the success of Jeremy Corbyn. Yet people power still showed through, and the Tories have shipped heavy losses in what was, for them, a Pyrrhic victory.

In the Iranian situation, the internet is providing a means whereby the people of the west can see how Iran is being unfairly vilified. If the people do not cry out against the unjust portrayal of Iran, then young men and women from western nations will be coerced to fight, and die, in Iran at the behest of those in the Surplass who want the natural resources of the Persians.

It’s important that we all speak out loudly in protest at developments such as invasion and global war, lest we and our loved ones become some of the casualties of an inhumane and unjustified war upon the innocents of the Iran.

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