Scottish Unionists Want Death To Scottish Freedom, And Ireland

Here we have a little reminder of what exactly Rangers’ supporters are all about.

I once worked on a Glasgow building site and I asked this question of the Rangers’ supporters that were there during a tea-break (taking a rest from riding their sisters);

Q. During the movie, Braveheart, there were some great battle scenes. Who were you cheering for?

Answer from Rangers’ supporters. Wha the fuck you on ebout? We wuz fuckin cheerin for Wallace, mon, ya greetin c**t.

Q. Why? Wallace wanted to free Scotland and all you clowns want to keep the union with England.

Answer from Rangers’ supporters. (There was no answer. They were silent as they stood looking at one another. They ate all the biscuits and then they went sullenly back to riding their sisters (and mas)).

You see, Scottish Unionists, such as those to be found among the support base of Rangers, have no fucking clue as to their identity. In that, they are like the Unionists of the Occupied Six Counties. The following video demonstrates their intelligence. I have observed sharper behaviour from the chimps at Dublin zoo after they had been all through Temple Bar on the piss…. for a week.

It should be said that not all supporters of the football club formerly known as Rangers are as idiotic as those you just observed in the video. Some are a tad more circumspect, but still just plain nasty and every bit an embarrassment to Scotland. Although Scotland is a land of rebels and heroes and beautiful women, none of them are rabid Rangers supporters.

In the next video we can see how the Unionists of Scotland celebrated the results of the last Independence referendum. I hope that all Scots will remember the scenes from George Square that night, and the behaviour of the louts who call themselves Scottish, but are nothing more than north-Brits. I hope that all Scots will understand what the Orange Order really is and how it figures in the actions and mindsets of Scottish Unionists.

I hope that all Scots will eventually claim their freedom. Alba Abú!



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