Inhumans Preying On Refugee Children

There can be no greater crime than the abuse – be it sexual, physical, emotional and psychological – of children. The following report concerns the shocking revelations that child refugees, fleeing wars instigated by western imperialist forces in the Middle East and north Africa, are being forced into prostitution in Europe to pay their way.

It must be understood that such events are a damning indictment of our entire species. No other life-forms on this planet treat their young in such an unnatural and disgusting manner. The response to those who are responsible for causing such suffering and degradation to children, any children, must be swift and without mercy.

Those who harm children are inhuman. Inhumans do not have human rights. They do have inhuman rights, which include the right to be locked up for life, away from society or, failing that, they have the right to die. Either way, global society must be rid of such vile lifeforms.

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