The Smashed Façade

The Smashed Façade


…the institutionalized stupor of the clambering classes…


…those grabbing goons who sell their souls

and sense of decency for tainted fortune,

see no further than the growing, groaning noses

upon their painted faces.


They revel in disintegrating conscience

as their tattered morals flap wildly in the gusts

that tumble the meek, the weak, the naïve

who scream for reprieve and receive slaughter

of flesh and dreams drowned

in demonic enchantment

that promises, deceives and weaves

the forlorn fables

that permeate expectant minds

to build a rancid skin to coat the rot

beneath society’s nauseatingly pretentious exterior.


The frustration of truth revealed;

the ugly skin, peeled away to let some see,

continues to increase and the incidence

of new wounds of conscience

will not cease,

will not cease,



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