A Book Of Bones – Supernatural Thriller By John Connolly

A Book Of Bones by John Connolly Charlies Parker is a private investigator based in Maine. But run-of-the-mill cases do not form the main part of Parker’s work. Following the savage murder of both his wife and young daughter, the former NYPD cop has been thrust into a world were demons and their human acolytes […]

Top 10 Hardest Things To Kill In Movies

The movie industry has captivated us for decades with creatures that are difficult to kill. Whether it is alien blobs, supernatural entities or bad acting (as in the case of both Sly Stallone and Arnie the Austrian Tit), we hold our breathes in the hope that the baddies will eventually be dispatched to that great […]

Top 10 Movie Devils

Love them or loathe them but devils and demons are here to stay. Hollywood has imagined many interpretations of these evil entities from Hell. Some are sexy, some ghastly, some all-too-real. They inspire and frighten in almost equal measure. What follows is a list of 10 of the best known representations to be found on […]

What The Night Knows – Dean Koontz Novel

What The Night Knows  by Dean Koontz Detective John Calvino is a man haunted by the events of a horrific childhood that he has shared with only his devoted and loving wife, artist painter, Nicolette. When Calvino visits a 14 years old killer, Billy Lucas, in prison, he begins to suspect that there is more […]

Hell Train

Hell Train   by Christopher Fowler This is an usual little book which should appeal to all fans of the old Hammer movies which starred Chris Lee and Peter Cushing. Shane Carter is a script writer from Hollywood who finds himself at a loose end when his job ends. He makes his way to England to […]

The Smashed Façade

The Smashed Façade   …the institutionalized stupor of the clambering classes…   …those grabbing goons who sell their souls and sense of decency for tainted fortune, see no further than the growing, groaning noses upon their painted faces.   They revel in disintegrating conscience as their tattered morals flap wildly in the gusts that tumble […]