Your Data For Sale

Today, I find it incredible to stand back and examine the reliance we now have upon the internet. I ask myself how it happened so quickly. One minute, it was landlines and letters, and then it was mobiles and emails, before we moved on to social media as a social fulcrum.

As a species, we have embraced such technology so completely that many could now not exist happily without it. I’m no Luddite, at least not a total example, as my using this medium suggests, and I accept that many advancements are beneficial. Yet I despair at how vulnerable and conflicted we have become due to an over-reliance on computers.

Technological advancements have exploded upon us, and we are struggling to cope. One example is the proliferation of online porn and the ease with which everyone, including children, can access it. Libels issues arising from online posts are yet another sector in which we have not effectively prepared. There are many others.

Regulation is an answer, but only if those doing the regulating can be trusted. Would you trust your government to be able to fairly regulate the internet without descending into complete censorship? Should we be left alone to decide what we should have access to, thereby risking younger travellers of the cyber-highways?

I don’t have an answer to such questions. Any solution I can conceive will have some sort of detrimental effect. Perhaps modern technology is a paradox that will confound us until it destroys us?

In any event, the story that follows is but one more danger that has been highlighted. Many of us put so much of ourselves online, and trust strangers with our data. We accept assurances from those who have no right to give them, nor do they have credibility to do so. We are fools to our desires to fit in. The social systems that have been woven, using the internet, force those among us who are reluctant to comply. Eventually the controllers and comptrollers will exact a heavy price…

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